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About the theme: I made the track after seeing some 13, 14 year old boys smoking big joints before going to school!!! And not once, no every single day when I was passing with my kids to bring them to school.
They are middle class children whose parents are too busy with their own lives and as a kind of compensation get extra pocket money. Not such a good idea it seems!
So I tried to imagine how they are gonna make it in their adult lives. I consider them a lost generation without values.
And with that information in mind Couch King came up with these lyrics.



I grew up on hiphop. I just had to get my fix
Probably started in 1986. License to ill, Raising hell
Hot, cool & vicious, back when vinyl was delicious
I was listening to mantronix. I used to hit the record stores
I heard every album and I still wanted more
Back in '84 was an early introduction
I used to watch beat street put the cardboard on the floor
Had the gatefold breakin' instructions with the Egyptian
Up rockin' and pop and locking
I would do the snake and then we would bust a chain wave word
This all from way back when I used to watch Breakin'
Wild style with Fab 5 Freddy, Style wars, Krush groove and disorderlies
MTV raps and Rap city, the Ed lover dance
Do you remember that? The unwind yourself sample
That shit was phat. They just looped that, brought up in the East Bay,
California, Oakland, San Francisco, Hayward Bay Area
Home Turf was my shit. Dominque would take you down to city streets
With skate boarding clips. The bones brigade, graffiti artists, vogue,
crayon and twist. I would ride the Bart to the city, hop on the muni, visit
psycho city. This is all from back in the day.
I grew up on hiphop

Take the train
Ooooh, I don't care when I'm going as long as it's not home
I don't care where I go

Just a regular snot nosed kid, skate boarding through the neighborhood,
in airwalk kicks, getting into trouble
Practicing flips and tricks. Shoplifting spray paint cans for kicks,
smashing bricks and breaking sticks.
Headphones on, didn't care about politics
Pocketing the latest too short hits
Slap it in the walkman cassette tape
Everything is great on the plate
I grew up on hiphop

© Couch King 2016


from EP: DEM NO GOOD (An international conspiracy), released June 21, 2016
Music written by Froxie. Lyrics written by Couch King.
All instruments played by Froxie.
Vocals and rhymes by Couch King.
Additional samples and production by Couch King.
Mixed and produced by Froxie.
Mastered by Jack Daniels.



all rights reserved


Froxie Neerpelt, Belgium

Froxie is the roof dub project of Franky Cox, aka Cranky Fox.

With loads of influences ( punk, rap, reggae, electronica, world, funk) it is quite difficult to understand where it goes sometimes.
But one thing's for sure: "When a frog jumps in the water the circles will spread all over the pond".

I love collabs! They are a wonderful way to work together with a bunch of wonderful people.
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