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"Dem no good (An international conspiracy)" is a roof dub EP with 7 tracks written by FROXIE.
Especially for the occasion he asked some Soundcloud friends / colleagues to collaborate. Hence it has become a crossover record where the base of the tracks is a sonic dubby soundscape to which every artist has added his/her flavour.
At the same time this is music with a message. Every track refers to some kind of injustice that all of us could face in daily life. Let it be government corruption, greedy pharmaceutical multinationals, police brutality, mean malicious talk....
This EP is an independent release by unsigned artists. RSPCT to all!


released June 21, 2016

All tracks mastered by Jack Daniels.
Artwork by Stefan Custers.



all rights reserved


Froxie Neerpelt, Belgium

Froxie is the roof dub project of Franky Cox, aka Cranky Fox.

With loads of influences ( punk, rap, reggae, electronica, world, funk) it is quite difficult to understand where it goes sometimes.
But one thing's for sure: "When a frog jumps in the water the circles will spread all over the pond".

I love collabs! They are a wonderful way to work together with a bunch of wonderful people.
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Track Name: Froxie & Cranky Fox: "Never at ease"(Original)
Never at ease with this disease
Not at ease
No, you won't be ever at ease
With this disease
Don't you ever try to find some peace
With this disease
Not at ease

Never at ease
No no never at ease
Never at ease
You will never find some peace

© Cranky Fox 2016

Samples taken from a BBC news item: "Is Ebola virus a global emergency?"
Track Name: Froxie & Sofia Deville: "Strike"

Do we really think that we are free?
Or is it just how we would like it to be?
No bond, no ties, no obligations
Yeah, go on and live in your imagination

Here was my last walk in the park
Those bloody police dogs don't bark
It was a peaceful manifestation
As usual it ended up in a violent confrontation

Do you really think we can demand rights?
Come then and look at these nasty bites
If you don't step out of the spotlight
You'll have to be prepared for a cage fight

It's time we go on a strike
And fight for our rights
It's time we go on a strike
And be free tonight

© Froxie 2016
Track Name: Froxie & Couch King: "Farfaraway"

I grew up on hiphop. I just had to get my fix
Probably started in 1986. License to ill, Raising hell
Hot, cool & vicious, back when vinyl was delicious
I was listening to mantronix. I used to hit the record stores
I heard every album and I still wanted more
Back in '84 was an early introduction
I used to watch beat street put the cardboard on the floor
Had the gatefold breakin' instructions with the Egyptian
Up rockin' and pop and locking
I would do the snake and then we would bust a chain wave word
This all from way back when I used to watch Breakin'
Wild style with Fab 5 Freddy, Style wars, Krush groove and disorderlies
MTV raps and Rap city, the Ed lover dance
Do you remember that? The unwind yourself sample
That shit was phat. They just looped that, brought up in the East Bay,
California, Oakland, San Francisco, Hayward Bay Area
Home Turf was my shit. Dominque would take you down to city streets
With skate boarding clips. The bones brigade, graffiti artists, vogue,
crayon and twist. I would ride the Bart to the city, hop on the muni, visit
psycho city. This is all from back in the day.
I grew up on hiphop

Take the train
Ooooh, I don't care when I'm going as long as it's not home
I don't care where I go

Just a regular snot nosed kid, skate boarding through the neighborhood,
in airwalk kicks, getting into trouble
Practicing flips and tricks. Shoplifting spray paint cans for kicks,
smashing bricks and breaking sticks.
Headphones on, didn't care about politics
Pocketing the latest too short hits
Slap it in the walkman cassette tape
Everything is great on the plate
I grew up on hiphop

© Couch King 2016
Track Name: Froxie & Senfsuck: "Hear no evil"
Hear no evil

I hear no evil. These are my words
I focus on the positive. It's better for this world

If you hear evil, you mark my words
Shoobidoo in the good times
And a shoobidoo when it hurts
There's a devil inside of you

Du hast mir das Gelbe vom Himmel versprochen
Und das Blaue vom Ei, Eieieieiei Ei
If you go crazy then you hear evil (2x)
Eieieieiei Ei. I hear no evil YEAH. Eieieieiei Ei

You've promised me the yellow colored sky
And the blue of the eggs
Du hast mir das Gelbe vom Himmel versprochen
And das Blaue vom Ei. I hear no evil YEAH. Eieieiei Ei

I hear no evil. These are my words
I focus on the positive. 'Cos it's better for this world
I hear no evil. These are my words. Eieieieiei Ei

© Senfsuck 2016
Track Name: Froxie & MOAG: "On shaky ground"
On shaky ground

it just feels so flippin' cold inside
Despite the lights of December that are flooding the sky
Now I've heard that you can choose to be anything you want
A fluffy mouse, a killer on the fighting front
But whatever you think, do, hear or say
Whatever the moment, whatever the place
You're always gonna find someone to spit in your face
And to push you right back, back into your place
So should you decide to walk alone
Just remember to take a heart of stone
Well you know it's like they say
With a fistful of dollars you can fly
But with a fistful of dirt you'll be able to look up
And just watch them getting high

One more time 'round
Once more unbound
One more dumb clown
On shaky ground

Striking gold with the new cash cow
A king of fools but he's making the headlines now
Words are unchained, as other go down the drain
Brown shirts have been bleached to white
How did we let them move on from our line of sight?
Words are unchanged, like 33's back again

One more time round
Once more unbound
One more dumb clown
On shaky ground

© MOAG 2016
Track Name: Froxie & Wou-Wou & The Wormling: "Live for a moment"
You'd like to rewind?
Fix the results and edit your life
You used to think you were invincible
Not a mountain of cells in a degradable pile

'Cos in the end you can't rely on luck
You can't rely on looks
And when the bullshit washes off
All there is, is love

They'll eat you alive
Feasting off your doubt, drinking up your time
And you will pay for the privilege
With Victorian charm and a generous tip

Do you really think you're in cahoots
With the cannibal at your door?
You could give him everything you are
But he'll come back for more

You've got to live for a moment
Then you can die for a while
At least
Reincarnation grants you a funeral in style

© Wou-Wou & The Wormling 2016
Track Name: Froxie & An Di Yi : "Never at ease" (Remix)